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635 Rear Seat Question Time Again

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Well I started doing the rear seat conversion  finally, cutting, shaping, & fitting (repeat). Decided to at least install the center piece but before that I noticed that the rear seat belt receiver for the 635 seats needed to be installed first.  I also noticed that the mounting anchor point is based on the truck wall, far away where the 635 receivers should go.


Do I: 


Drill and mount the 635 receiver to the tunnel area where they should go? Do I need to weld in a thick washer plate under the bolt? 


Can I use 02 receivers instead, however I read that they don't match the 635 receiver clips so I would have to use '02 version of belts?


Any other option or solution?

Thank you for you time and ideas.



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You may want to use the term e24 rear seats in a search. The receivers in the e24 are bolted onto a plate which is then installed in the tunnel. You would have to fabricate something like that but retaining the shape of the tunnel so it doesn't interfere with the seat fitment. Contact member bluedevils to see if you can have retractor made with the matching buckle to fit in the e24 receiver

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