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Driveshaft question


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Got the 5spd and assorted goodies out of 84 318 but the rear driveshaft bolts just don't want to come loose from the differential. Is there a trick to getting them off?


Or is it even necessary for my 5spd swap?


Thanks for looking


OH and it will be attaching to a e21 LSD if it makes any difference

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Rust penetrating oil, and a bigger wrench.  


Truth be told, you really only need the front section of the driveshaft, as a driveshaft shop will cut the front section off to weld the carrier (the part that bolts to the guibo) to your shortened 2002 driveshaft, then balance the whole thing.




PS  you do realize that the 5 speed from the E30 won't have a speedometer drive, so you'll have to rig up an electronic one, or depend on GPS.

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ok thanks Mike. If the only thing they are going to need is the front section then I won't worry about the bigger wrench or oil.


As for the speedo, yeah I am going with a Speedhut GPS speedo and gauge set - hopefully get the whole thing going soon 




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