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1969 FS in Antioch


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I went and checked out this car yesterday.  At $7000 it was easy to pass on.  I think with all the parts (if they are any good) some k-fish parts

I'd fork over $5,500 max.


Here is what I found:

The body is pretty rust free.  Floors, sub frame, shock towers, front apron, hood, decklid, trunk bottom are all very rust free.  There were a few rust bubbles around the lower front windshield  frame, a couple of bubble spots on the lower section of the doors, and some small holes in the rocker panel front section right behind the passenger side fender.


The entire car has a paint job with the texture of an avocado.  Seller was like "it could use a cut and polish" - NO! it's a complete strip and fix the few rust bubbles that are present.

Oddly though it looks to me like the door jams, trunk and engine bay were repainted too but don't have the avocado skin texture.


Engine was a later m10.

Head was an E12

Has a weber dgv

Also had a Tii timing cover bolted up too.


Dash is of course cracked all over

Interior could probably be cleaned up and made presentable


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