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1972 Inka Orange roundie built m10, side drafts, 5spd, BBS RS, 3.91 lsd

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Price: $1
Location: Huntington Beach,Ca


I am regretfully selling my 1972 BMW 2002 roundie to make room for a new car. I have owned this car for a little over a year, I wanted a round tail light, Inka Orange, non sunroof car that was a good platform for me to rebuild and modify the drive train. This car has been painted once its original Inka color, but it was done probably in the late 1980’s. I bought it because someone had not tried to hide rust and bad bodywork by putting a fresh paint job on it. The paint is pretty much dead, but you know what you have without having to strip the car if you wanted to restore it. I personally like the old un restored look. The drive train was completely stock when I bought it, everything mechanically I have done in the last year. I have put about 300 miles on it since it has been done, this is basically a solid un restored car with a really cool drive train and some very expensive parts. Anyway.. on to the good stuff…..



- Fully built M10 engine. Block is an 82 date code with a 2.0 rotating assembly ( matching number block and 121ti head is included)

- Ireland Engineering custom made forged 10.1 compression pistons

- 1.8 big valve head rebuilt, new guides valve job etc...

- Ireland Engineering new billet 292 camshaft

- Ireland Engineering heavy duty rocker arms

- Dual valve springs

- ARP head studs

- single row timing chain

- brand new Redline Spanish dual 40 DCOE Weber side draft carbs. (I have about 500.00 in jetting for fine tuning )

- Cannon intake manifolds that were ported to fit properly

- electric fuel pump conversion 

- Rebuilt and re curved mechanical advance Tii distributor for side drafts and cam

- Pertronix electronic ignition and flame thrower coil

- Top End shorty header w/ o2 bung for a wide band gauge

- Ansa sport center exit exhaust

- starter,alternator, water pump, thermostat, motor mounts etc… were all replaced, along with endless hours of cleaning and detailing the drive train 

Motor runs very strong !!



- 5 speed conversion from an e21

- Lightened 228mm flywheel

- New 228 mm clutch kit

- new clutch master

- Ireland Engineering rebuilt shortened driveshaft

- Ireland Engineering complete shift platform w/Z3 short throw shifter

-Ireland Engineering billet 5 speed Amco style shift knob

- Ireland Engineering steel braided clutch line

- Ireland Engineering longer speedo cable

- Top End trans adapter

Gearbox is tired, I was not able to test it prior to installing it in this car. Its notchy when cold and the (im assuming) layshaft bearings make a whining noise on the freeway. Its fine as is for now though. 


** rear end** 

3.91 LSD rear end conversion from a e21 sport. I rebuilt the diff with all new bearings and seals

- Ireland Engineering re drilled axle stubs

- Ireland Engineering axle spacers and hardware

- New diff mounts



- Authentic BBS RS wheels, 15x7 and 15x8. I bought these from Europe and had them restored. 195/45 rears and 185/45 fronts (had to get these from Europe as well). I have about 3k into these wheels and tires.

- Suspension Techniques front and rear sway bars

- Ireland Engineering camber plates

- cut Suspension Techniques springs… looks very cool, rides crappy

- New brake master cylinder

- New brake pads

- New rear wheel cylinders

- steel braided brake lines



The car is 100% complete. All trim is intact, I had the rear bumper re chromed, the front is in good shape, it has euro front turn signals. The under side of this car is in great shape and rust free. The only real rust is the edge of the trunk lid, passenger side corner of the front windshield area and a little area on the passenger door under the lower trim. Again, this has not had any bondo or patch work hiding other areas. Its a solid car. Paint is old and faded, car has dings dents and scratches to be expected from a 50 year old driver.

All the electrical works. I am very particular about things. When I bought it I got everything working properly. The dome light comes on when the doors open, the windshield washer system works, I rebuilt the heater box myself, had the heater core hot tanked and rebuilt the heater control valve. All the lights and gauges work. 

Interior has e21 Recaro front seats but they need to be redone, as does the back seat. The headliner is good, the carpet is still nice, door panels are good. The dash is cracked like usual. I have a vintage Nardi Torino wood steering wheel that I am rather fond of in it currently. 



That is just what I can remember off the top of my head. I have receipts and paperwork for the car that goes back to the late 80’s along with the original owners manual, plus receipts and picture documentation for everything I have done to it recently. I have a clean California title for it in my name and current tags. I am in this car $17,000, I am willing to lose some money to get it sold to the right person. I am not sure how much I want for it just yet, but just to put a price on it I will say around SOLD!!!!. If you would like to buy it please feel free to call me SOLD!!!!!. car is in Orange County, Ca.





















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Thank you for the positive comments guys. Here are some more close up pics of the car. I am in the process of moving right now and I work 10 hours a day 6 days a week. I have a few people to call back, but please if you are interested call and leave me a message (one is fine, no need to call 8 times a day) before 10 pm please, or PM me through the forum with your contact info. I will call you back when I can. I would also like to keep the sale local right now that way the car can be seen in person and I can make sure it's going to the right person. IMG_1311.thumb.JPG.bb429b1892c7c47278ebe21426c2205d.JPG





















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