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Early front bumper with amco bar

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Price: $400
Location: Albany Oregon



Selling my early front bumper with amco bumper.


What you see is what you get. Includes the ipf Amber fog lights.


Will ship worldwide

Not sure what it's worth so I'm going to put a starting number out there. Let me know what you think it's worth. Hopefully I gave you enough pictures.

$400 shipped in the USA


Location: 97322


Thanks againbbc7f3c07e224e5973a80c66f2c7a347.jpg93aa8bf10ee9f8e3922bb0cfca01dfd8.jpg1a6e35fc70f5c51cbae728362335ff4e.jpgd76521366a9e530b841fd6034953e385.jpgIMG_20170418_140342.jpgIMG_20170418_130610.jpg2343dfe0569a2349874a96280227fc63.jpg4cee9bcadec017be2d62d46a02eec4d8.jpgcef70fb0fd1685237323fd4b844ea6bc.jpgf85e2c3698c2ae2149b234708172a9f4.jpg59255cc2b7b3830d2e773239477f0882.jpg301d024c66d3131b1ecaefe43cdeffd4.jpgb7090da7c271129519fb647d2535a0e7.jpg685df5674e02c33e1249fa424ee273b3.jpg478bd4d72e32d198cd2a4f26b69dcc55.jpgIMG_20170418_130957.jpg


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