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Worth it? How many parts are shared between the 2002 and the E3 3.0S...


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I recently purchased a striped down 1971 BMW 2002. A number of parts came with it, but there are many missing.  


At at the moment I have the chance to buy a 1973 E3 3.0s Sedan which is complete, running, but rusted. 


My question is, would I be able to use many of the parts from the E3 in the restoration of my 2002




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If it's a late enough E3 and you have a 72 or 73 with the wiper speed control on the dashboard, the E3 will have the coveted 3 position dash switch that will allow you to add an intermittent wiper speed to your now two-speed windshield wipers.


Also they have a larger inside rear view mirror that will pop right into the mirror slot on your '02.  The wiper relay is the same, and I think the wiper motor itself (not the linkage) is the same.


And if the E3 has a wood-rim steering wheel, it will work on a 2002 by removing the brass contact strip from the wheel and replacing it with the spring-loaded horn contact button from an '02.



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3 hours ago, Stevenc22 said:

Buy a rusted out 2002 instead

+1 on finding a rusty, wrecked, 02 that's beyond saving. Beware that finding 02 parts cars have become much harder the past few years. I have owned three E3 sedans and numerous 02's and as others above have mentioned, there is very little in common between an 02 and E3. What parts are you missing from your project car?  Have you posted in the WTB section of the classifieds section?




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Thank you to everyone for your responses! I really appreciate it.


The car I bought was already stripped down (poorly, the owner obviously got bored and then just prepped to spray) and resprayed (terribly). There were a number of parts in the car, but by no means is it a complete set. 


Im currently indexing the parts and putting together a list of what I'll need. 


Being based in South Africa makes that a little tricky, but nothing that cash and imports can't solve ?. Jaymic in the U.K. and BMW seem helpful so far. 


Body work is my current focus. Importing front fenders and attempting to get hold of a new nose (this one was obviously damaged). 


Attached is the pick of the four mirrors found with the car. No lucky pairs though!


Thanks again for the help! 


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