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Need help shipping my new-to-me 74tii from Chicago to PNW


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Hi all,


I'm making a switch from e30s to 2002, and need to sort out shipping for the 74tii project that I just purchased in Chicago from a 2002faq member (pictured below), back to its new home in Oregon. 

I've completed an auction cycle on U-ship, and am not loving the results - too much money to ship a 2000lb car on an open trailer. I don't have the time to drive it across the country myself, and so now i'm wondering about other options. I was hoping to have it shipped door-to-door for about/under $1k, but the u-ship bids are much higher than that. 

Does anyone here on the FAQ have (or know someone reliable that does) an enclosed single car trailer and a truck that would deliver the car from Chicago to Oregon? Portland would be fine, but even better if delivered to my residence in Bend, OR.


I also have my e30 318is (which was hit in the front end while parked in February) which I am interested in partially trading in exchange for shipping the 2002 my way. It's in running/driving condition, but will need some front end body work to get back on the road. It would make an excellent m42 swap candidate for someone's 2002, or and excellent track/rally/drift e30 with a few front body panels and a new radiator support. Pics on request if someone is interested.

Anyhow, I figured someone on the 2002faq might have some ideas...






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You might try looking in Hemmings (services) and or some of the race car sites (race-cars.com).  Your best bet is to luck out and find someone with an empty spot in their transporter (cancellation or some other such).  Did you try Reliable and some of the others like that?  As a point of reference I just paid a private party to transport my race car about 130 miles +/- (from Sacramento to the SF Bay Area) and i got a pretty good deal - $250.  Another guy I spoke with was going to be $450 for the same haul ...... sooooooooo Chicago to Bend, OR, petty unlikely you can get it done on an enclosed transport for less than a grand.  Good luck.

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Thanks markmac, i'll try out those two ideas. 


I'm not necessarily looking for enclosed transport only, but mostly just not wanting to pay $1300+ for open transport through the big carriers. If I could get a reliable open transport for around $1k, then that would be fine. 


I figure anything I can save on transport costs will go directly toward fixing up the 2002!

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I've used this company twice and was very pleased:




Last time it was $1200 from Seattle to Wash. DC so I assume Chicago to Bend would be less.  Or, because they're based in Boise you might opt to pick up the 2002 from there and drive it to Bend.  Most of the drivers are husband and wife teams.


1973 3.0 CS Nachtblau

1970 2002 Chamonix

1965 1800 Chamonix

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Montway does seem good, but they are coming in at $1300+, and of course they simply a broker farming out to the eventual transporters on a bid basis. 


I'll call around and see what sort of locally-based transport options there are, like the one in Boise mentioned above.

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