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Rear axle stub shaft and rear hub

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13 hours ago, halboyles said:

I don't have one readily available but, if you find a set, you will also need to have any spacers for that exact  set.  The spacers are critical and are NLA.

Actually, the spacer has to do with the dimension inside the trailing arm between the inner and outer bearings. It determines the preload on the bearings. Replacement of the stub axle has no affect on that dimension. If you change the trailing arm or lose the spacer on your existing arm, then you will need to find the appropriate shim/spacer. There is a description of the procedure used to determine the correct spacer thickness in the manual. A spacer can be easily machined. As long as you have the spacer that was in the arm and the distance tube is not badly worn you should be fine.

I may have a stub axle and flange. Will get back to you tomorrow. Is it a tii? Or reg 02? They are different.

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