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Front license plate installation?


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I just purchased a 73 2002 and as I proceeded to install my front license plate, I was confronted with two holes in the bumper that were spaced wider than the standard U.S. license plate?  I assume the holes were predrilled for a European plate,. Can anyone who has the same hole spacing tell me how they solved the mounting issue? Is there a factory holder or does one have to fabricate one?  Thanks, a Newbie,

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Here's what I did, using the factory metal bracket and a universal plastic bracket from Auto Zone or the like. A metal license frame further stiffens the plate. I used stainless hardware and rubber washers between the bumper and factory bracket. 


The advantage of using the plastic piece is that it allows the plate to be centered vertically on the bumper, which looks better to my eye than hanging below or sticking up above. Besides, the latter would run into my Amco bar. 







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Went down to the BMW dealer to see if they carried the Euro to US conversion license plate mounting bracket. Yes, they have them in stock at $38.97!!!.  After viewing the forum pics posted , I went to the hardware store and bought a 1" strip of aluminum for $3 and with my vice bent one that duplicates the factory issue. Did the aluminum as it bends easier than the steel strip and doesn't rust.

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