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TEP rear battery brace figment question


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To the guys with the TEP rear battery brace, when you fitted your brace did you mount it dead on the trunk floor or did you raise it up 5mm to a) allow the mounting points to clear the weld line of the shock tower to rear inner wheel well   b ) so you can slide your carpet in and out. 

I just trial fitted mine and if I push it all the way down to the floor the mounting brackets are right on the welds, it's not a bit deal just curious, it seems to fit a little better raised up a small amount. 


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I have found that the welds on top off the shock towers very quite a bit.....  I would try to find a way to mount it on the trunk floor.  Or maybe shim it up with some .125 or .25 stock ...but either way find a way to support the battery portion so its not just hanging there. 

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