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Does This Seem Right? 635 Rear Console

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Ok, apparently my write up got lost so here goes...


Trying to install the 635 seats, couple of questions


1) There are 3 mounting point: 1 on the seat support and 2 on the upper console tabs. As for the bottom tabs do I need to install additional brackets or would the get in the way of the seats themselves. OR would the seats stabilize the console enough?

2 If you look at the top of the console you will notice the top piece several inches above the package tray level, at about 30 degree angle, do I cut ( or relief cut the backside) push down to meet the sides of the console and then glue it together?  Then cover with area with similar color material.

3) As for the seats do they get fastened or just sit in place? (I have already cut the back areas of for fitment)


Is there anything else I need to do?



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This is the way I did it


Fixing of middle console:

I removed the original fixing point on the sides and used some aluminum L shape profile to attach the console to the parcel metal shelf. Put the L profile on the inside and fix it so the console glides over it. Then fix the console to the L profile.

sorry I have no photo 

Adjustments of the top:

You must cut the top and modify it. I did cut a section out and reattached it.



Two ways

1)      Little cutting on the back of the seats

-          Seats reaches near to the door

-          Big gap on the back





2)      Lot of cutting on the back:

+ nicer fit, more room in the back,

- lower sit


left: deeper cut ( removed the central part of the rear) / right: litle cutting 






Notice the extra room... I was able to push the seat L lugs on the bottom of the seats behind the original support. I added an L profile over the plate to reinforce it. 

Fixed the seat on the bottom with 2 screws ( lugs) 


I also made a cut on the top to hook the seat on the original seat hook of the parcel shelf

Sorry I have do not find the pictures of the back seat cutting. 






Examples I used to do the cutting





Example of little cutting:



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