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SOLD Getrag 245

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Price: $750
Location: Portland, OR



Ok I have pictures! I only got to cleaning the top of it so far but before I ship it it will be sparkly clean! Great shape getrag 245 for your 5 speed conversion. I have the driveshaft also if you are interested. 3 bolt flange on the output.bedc0e6b7457fbe6944656401722675c.jpg


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I drove the car this transmission was installed in about 6 months ago when I was looking at it. That owner sold it to his friend, who is the person I bought it from. He had pulled the motor already, but when I drove it, it was solid, shifted great into all 6 gears.

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Hello Blake,

I'm seeking more information with 5 speed conversion of my 1975 BMW 2002 automatic. I have a 1982 BMW 320i parts car for the 5 Speed. However,  can I use the Driveshaft from the 320i as well. I always thought I needed a 2002 Driveshaft. I have an extra Driveshaft from a BMW 1600 , can this  Driveshaft be shorten and balance for the 5 speed conversion. Any information you have would be appreciated.



Mac Arthur Davis


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