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Getting excited for Vintage NC 2017


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Just received approval from my boss to take vacation for most of the week leading up to Vintage NC next month.  Cannot wait to see everyone and hopefully spend more time saying thanks to folks for being who you are.   From the registration, it looks like we may break a record for attendance at this event.   Marshall Lytle and I will hopefully have another great caravan down from Northern Virginia  - we are still working out the logistics on the vehicles.   Maybe this year I can position the blue 69 next to some other great 2002's (not that there is anything wrong with parking between two E30's).   






Winston Salem 2 years ago.




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I can't wait too! 

This year I'm going to skip the CCA lunch in favor of finding a local drive and end up in Asheville for lunch. If you haven't done the CCA lunch I highly recommend it. Even if it rains a lot. I'll be there Thursday afternoon. 



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6 minutes ago, zinz said:

John, your car looks awesome in the sun :)


Jim... who's  early, Polaris car with the hubcaps and lowered a bit?  Love that... Kinda looks like it's running on 14" NK wheels and caps... too far away to tell.  I like it.


I need to make this event some day.


Ed Z


The Polaris car is James Laray's believe it's a '68. Yes, Ed, you need to attend this, largest vintage BMW gathering in the US. 

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