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Front Alignment Settings


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I haven't checked in in a long time.

I;m concerned about my front alignment toe settings since I'm running with -.5 to -1 degree negative camber plates which also set the caster back to about 3 degrees.

The alignment shop set my toe on each front wheel to .06 degrees, but I'm concerned this may be too much as the toe in conjunction with the negative camber may lead to accelerated tire wear. I'm inclined to set the toe at 0 degrees. Any thoughts on the matter ?




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I usually start at 0 toe, then add toe- in until the car's comfortably stable at speed-

and yep, a daily driver usually gets a bit more than something that I'm not in at all hours,

tired, sleepy, in a hurry, stressed..


Usually ends up being just a few 32nds, measured at wheel radius.  

Yes, inches, we live in Inchistan, not the civilised world, here.


I haven't had wear issues doing things this way.  And I too run significant static negative front camber,

when I can get it.



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