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Behr A/C blower switch wiring

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If you didn't figure it out from the diagram, I did a column on this after a friend and I puzzled over one for some few hours while replacing the switch.  PM me and I'll send you a copy of the column.


The A/C and heater switches are interconnected so that you can't turn the heater blower on when the A/C is running, and vice versa.  This is not the case with Frigiking units.  That may be what's puzzling you.



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I finally figured out the Behr wiring diagram with the help of my hand-held meter.  Below is a picture for posterity.  The blk/wht wire at the bottom goes to the resistor on the evaporator body.  My A/C blower switch only has four posts and the one black wire going to the temperature sensor.  I've been advised that the Behr A/C is disabled if the heater blower is on and vice versa.  In my '72, both can be on at the same time.  Don't know why and don't want to know.  :D


(I started my career with Western Electric.  We put No-Ox-Id on everything).


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Bringing back this thread as I am now wiring my Behr A/C with only a partial wiring harness. The fan control switch, 17 in the schematic, I have seems to be a click-less rheostat. Is that correct? What resistance readings should I see between pin 4 and the other pins?


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