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Deciding on spacer size for the rears...thoughts?


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Ok so my wheels are just about ready to go on. Just need spacers since the offset of the wheels are ET40. In the front I'm going with 9-10mm. So that will be identical to my E30 basket weaves that are ET30. The rears I want more aggressive. So I tested it with 18mm worth of washers to see if it worked. So the 17mm spacer will be pretty much the same. The other option is a 15mm rear spacer. Is this too aggressive? I may even lower it a tad more. Maybe 1/2 an inch. I'm going back and forth on this one. I'm so used to seeing wheels so much further in the wheel well because the Thoughts? Keep it like this with a 17mm spacer or it's a tad took much and run a 15mm spacer?IMG_1040.thumb.JPG.a0d8f555577dc00bdfaf64c708d78cb8.JPGIMG_1042.thumb.JPG.72cc62160ad35fdd4e6bddcd36f0f24a.JPGIMG_1044.thumb.JPG.17f4f9c7745f2c01456b814c7de73f2d.JPGIMG_1050.thumb.JPG.c26618b8b350f762510e38854a11af95.JPGIMG_1055.thumb.JPG.4741b39ff42bc3db36351a0d85e4d880.JPG



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What do I think?


I'd take out the rear springs, with your washers added, and run the wheel up into the well as far as the shock allows it to go.

Stick your finger into the gap- if your pinkie fits without hurting you, you can use that spacer.

If it hurts, you're close.  If you have to go to the ER, it's too close.


If you find the shock doesn't let the tire go up into the well, your shocks are too long!  Many are...



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