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A possible awesome situation

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Price: $100
Location: Viginia


I have something like this posted in the general forum but thought I should put this up here. I have to come out to Los Angeles to deliver a car for a client. In the event that I do I will have an empty trailer along with a winch. I live near Richmond, VA but am just crazy enough to go on slight detours on my trip. If you guys/girls selling and buying can get something together and it works out you can have a free ride east as I have already been paid for my trip. My client gets back in country tonight so I will not know all the info just yet. I guess there is a possibility that the trip might not happen as I can't believe anyone would spend a nickel on what he bought but I did haul this car up to CT last month so apparently there are at least two crazy people out there, three if you count me.  I belong to 4 other forums but only have this offer here as the passion/sickness is worse here. Just looking to give back. My windows look to be leaving east coast either around April 23 or Mid May. If cheap transport is the thing that gets your deal done contact me before consummating to make sure my trip has not fallen through.  MUST BE FORUM MEMBER. Canada is out because 40 years ago there was a case of Molson and this moose..........I do have some standards.

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