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After a Winter of work, Testing the tii


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Hi all. Warning! Long writeup


After a long winter of working in the garage when time allowed, the weather has finally allowed me to get Liesl back on the road to test out what I have done... and discover remains issues and my mistakes (at the bottom ;)).


First some background:

I have a '72 tii that I purchased a couple of years ago. It ran ok after I sorted out a lean condition due to old ignition components and a cracked intake runner. However, it never really popped because the clutch was slipping like crazy, the dizzy was worn and I suspected the injectors needed a cleaning. Was eager to get her back to her old glory.


A recap of what was done:

1) Clutch and associated mission creep. Started taking stuff off and quickly realized I was in for more than I originally thought. Replaced the clutch with a 228 mm kit... AND... replaced transmission seals, rear main seal, trans bushings, exhaust support bracket, pilot bearing, center support bearing, blasted and coated the headers, and cleaned everything in the area up....YUK. This forum and its awesome members was the only way I got through all the above, as all this was new to me. Here is link to that thread, which has lots of pics Should I replace the clutch myself??


2) Fuel injection components. I had a spare set of younger injectors, linkages and injector tubes, so went about replacing and cleaning the injection components, getting the injectors cleaned and tested, refreshing KF brings, and cleaning up the throttle body. Also cleaned up and checked WUR operation. Here is the link to that thread: Fuel injectionrefurbish 


3) Distributor rebuild. Decided to take apart the -008 mechanical advance distributor, with its worn springs and axial play, and rebuild according to buckeye's tutorial. A little daunting, but with some coaching from buckeye and reading 76mintgrun's threads on the topic, replaced the springs with new ones, replaced the anti-friction pad and re-shimmed the shaft to spec. Worzella was very nice enough to send me his unused rebuild kit. Lubed it all up and replaced. 


4) Valve adjustment. Adjusted valve clearances to .007"....and replaced spark plugs for good measure


The outcome and questions!

1) Distributor timing. Timed her up with aid of advance timing light. Happy to report that the bouncing timing marks are gone and the advance curve looks really good. Things seem  A LOT smoother. 




 2) Tuning and testing, repeat. Started with D cam in throttle body per tii guide recommendation, but soon realized I was running too lean. Moved the D cam to 1/2 way over hole and then took her out for a road test....


WOW! Don't know if it was the clutch, or the dizzy, or the injectors or combo of the above, but Liesl is now awake! Pulls strong through all gears.. found myself laughing out loud. 



1) Leaks. Looks like the reverse switch is wet. Replaced the crush washer when the tranny was out, but now realized I should have replaced the whole switch. Hopefully not too hard to do with tranny in place. Also see that the lower exhaust stud #4 is dripping oil. Not sure if it was from the valve cover when I did not tighten it down hard enough after replacing valve cover gasket or from the stud itself. Time will tell, I guess


2) A puff of grey smoke. Now that I can really make her run, I saw a puff of greyish smoke on the highway after full on WOT for a few seconds and then letting her fully decelerate down to about 3000 RPM. Not sure if valve guides/seals are worn or if some residual oil/gas in intake manifold from tuning/testing? It does look a little oily in there. 


3) AFR values spot on? I'm getting the following AFR values: 

  • WOT - 13.5
  • initial mid throttle - swings to 15.5
  • cruising mid throttle - 12.5
  • idle - 12.5


Input on the above, much appreciated!




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