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2002 tii info required


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Hi Gents, 


I am new to the BMW 2002 world, I have acquired a beautiful 2002 ti, which I have put up for sale on this forum. I have now being offered a tii. 

My ti has matching numbers to the car, so engine and vin show the same number, should it be the same with a #275 tii, I had worked the Vin to show it was a 1971, if memory serves well. 

Second question, what should the cylinder head marking show on a tii? 121 tii?


Thanks in advance for your assistance. 


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Hey bud, yes, I read that about the cylinder heads, the 121 and the 121 ti, were the same head and used across the board. I didnt know if it's the same story with the tii, which would make sense, but you don't want to make mistakes with these things. Yes Colorado one. 

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There are also casting dates on heads that can (almost) prove the head is original to a given car.  The head's casting date should be no later than the car's manufacturing month and year, and generally no more than 3 months prior to that date.  I presume you obtained the actual manufacturing date of the tii from BMW Archives (email the VIN to info.grouparchiv@bmwgroup.com).


Beginning in approximately May 1972, tii's generally received E12 heads, successor to the 121 series heads.


Although the engine number, which, as stated above, will also be the car's chassis VIN, there is generally a casting date on the right (exhaust) side of the engine block, roughly around or between the first and second cylinders' freeze plugs.  This date must also be no later than the car's manufacturing date.



Good luck with your purchase (and sale),




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If the tii's a good deal, I wouldn't let non- matching numbers scare you off- this isn't like the Mustang Mach1 craze of a bunch of years ago,

where a few brackets tripled the price of a nice car.


But I'd also not pay a premium (whatever THAT is this week) for a car that's led a hard life.



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