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Fuse box question


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I'm restoring a '75 non-TII and am to the point of installing the restored wiring harness.  I'm doing pretty good but now I'm stumped on the fuse box.  I disassembled the wiring months ago and now can can't find a good reference showing where the "multi-plugs" go in the back of the box.  Yes, I've searched in vain for some kind of definitive help on this board.  When I find a link that appears promising its not active.  I just have one question and yes, I recognize it probably has some simple answer.  But I've scoured the internet, my Haynes manual, and any other source I can get my hands on with no luck.  My question:  The back of the fuse box has 4 rows of spade terminals but I have 5 multi-connectors.  In addition, in one of the photos I took prior to disassembly I show several single wires going to one of the rows instead of one of these connectors.  Yes, I understand that the card on the box shows some indication of wiring color, but this box contains several unreliable wires so I can't simply rely on that.  Can someone please clue me in on where these multi-connectors go?  I have the harness exposed so I can trace individual wires but even with 7 different wiring diagrams supposedly for a '75, they are all different.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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First, Compare the wiring diagrams and find the one that is closest to your color codes on the bottom of the fusebox. Connect all the ones that are original wires with color marking to where they are supposed to go. See whats left. If you have to trace each individual wire to its source. the wiring diagram is your guide

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I appreciate your response.  My biggest dilemma though is determining what's up with the 3 plastic single row and 1 double row multi-connectors.  Any way you cut it, there are 5 rows of female connectors to plug into 4 rows of male connectors.  These are the connectors that were original to the car with the original fuse box.  This is making me crazy!

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I have a 2002 wire harness intact - I pulled the harness from a car just before going to the crusher.

So far, all connectors are still in place on the bottom of the fuse box.  12 fuses, of course.


It came from a square tail, but I'm not sure what year.  I do know it is NOT a tii.

If you send me an email, I will send you pictures and descriptions of the way they plug in.

I do recall that some of the plastic connectors overlapped... and yes, after 40 years, colors fade a bit.


Maybe between the two of us we can figure this out?



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On my '74, I took note of a strange arrangement in that one of the multiplugs nestles inside the other.  It's almost as if BMW had left a few spare outputs and in the later cars, came up with a plug that connected with the open positions.  Take a look at your five connectors and see if you can get one to fit within the other.

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That's the same idea MoBrighta had.  Fantastic!  It's the one thing I didn't try.  Thanks a trunk full!


BTW, I assume you're a big Healey guy from your name.   I used to restore them.  I did a '55 100-4, a '56 100-4, and a '64 3000.  What great looking and driving cars!


Thanks again.



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I wanted to pass along some great pics and advice I received from MoBrighta which was a big help.


The pics are in numerical order as I disconnected the wiring from the back of the fuse box, one row at a time.

P4081595 was blurry, -96 is clear.


The upper left fuse is #1, lower left is #6, upper right is #7, and lower right is #12, looking from the wire side.


At upper right, fuses 7 and 8 are tail lights, left and right.  Wires are grey/black feeding grey/yellow, and grey/green feeding grey/white.  As seen, the power comes in on the right, and leaves the left side of each fuse.


The last picture shows the plugs all laid out in relation to each other as removed, without the fuse box.


You may want to wire it using the pictures in reverse order, starting with consumers in fuses 1-6, then the zig-zag set, then the rest.

Be careful, as some of the sets can go in two ways, be sure to use the picture for the correct position.



Thanks again Andy.  Hopefully this good info will help someone else and remove their fuse box frustration like it did for me.



Fuse box a.JPG

fuse box b.JPG

fuse box c.JPG

fuse box d.JPG

fuse box e.JPG

fuse box f.JPG

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