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1974 2002tii Hood Front and Hood Right Trim Needed quickly

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All '02 hoods, from '66 to '76, are identical in size and outward appearance, and thus interchangeable. And there's no such thing as a tii hood: all sub-models of a given vintage share the same hoods. There are no center latches on '66 models (those are all 1600-2's) so your life would be easier using a '67 or later.  Federal crash standards led to changes in crumple-zones, which brought (very) subtle changes to the reliefs and drillings on the hoods' undersides.  But all 1974 through 1976 hoods are probably identical in all respects.  Stated differently, don't limit yourself to a 1974 hood off of a tii!


Hood trim remains available from BMW.  BMW OEM parts are available from any dealer, and other BMW parts dealers, like BluntTech.


Good luck,




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