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Replace diff in short neck 2002 with 320 diff

Brad Kuhn

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I shall give you a short synopsis, and some guidance.


The 320 diff works, with the following caveats:

you have to use a rear cover from a 2002

IF you use a diff from an 80- 82 320, your best path is to use the 320 halfshafts, and put a 2002 outer cv on each.

IF you use a diff from a 77-79, you ought to use 1/4" or so spacer on each output.  This is best practice- you can probably get away without them, but your cv's may bind at full droop.


Guidance:  In the upper right corner is a 'search' window- tyoe "320 diff" into it and browse.  Lots of detail, long ago.





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