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New strut mounts


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Hello. First off I must really suck at searching. Sorry. Quick question. Replacing strut mounts/bearings with new from Steve/Blunt. With top nut tightened but not torqued and all washers and spacers checked for correct placement there is still some slight rocking movement by hand around the Bilstein damper shaft.Seems like the tolerances should be tighter but as you can tell I'm a rookie at this and just want to make sure it's okay before cranking down. Thank you. Duncan

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Hi Duncan,


As long as the ID of the bearing is snug over the shaft of the Bilstein then what you are experiencing is normal. 


A few years back there was a batch of miss-sized ID strut mounts that found their way into the system.  With the bearing ID too large, the shaft tended to clunk around.



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