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SOLD FS: SK Racing Sidedraft Carbs - 47mm - Clean!

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Price: $800
Location: Colorado Springs


SK Racing carbs were the continuation of Mikuni/Solex PHH series.  They are still made under the OER/SK Carb name.  New. they cost $700 each, without the custom machined aluminum velocity stacks. 

These are in almost new condition.  Clean on the outside, clean on the inside, ready to go.  Rare carbs that are sought after. 

$800 obo


*Will take partial trade of other/smaller side draft carbs*






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16 hours ago, williamggruff said:

Your Photobucket account has an obscene amount of carburetor porn. And by obscene, I mean highly desirable.



Ha.  You should see some of the stuff I've had over the years.  Lots of Porsche triple setups (Weber, Zenith, Solex) and other 'normal' Webers and Dellortos.  Of course, now that I need a pair of 40's for myself, can't find them (at a good deal) to save my life.

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Nando, as much as I would like to sell these carbs, I don't think they are the right setup for you.  Bolting them on an otherwise stock 02 wouldn't be the best for the powerband, let alone a stock one with an automatic.  You would lose lots of low-end, which you need in the automatic.  


Now, if you had a 5 spd manual, and a cam, header and maybe a ported head and more compression and a 2 barrel progressive weber - these would add LOTS of power and make the engine come alive.  

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