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Dual Ferrari exhaust tips

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Price: $85
Location: Pittsburgh PA


Genuine Ferrari exhaust tips. taken from a 1960s ferrari 250. Might be the perfect way to trick out your custom '02 exhaust. These are welded together but could be easily cut apart, if you choose. Chrome is a 9 out of 10. I had plans for them...but plans changed. 


They're cool, but I don't own anything I want to put them on. :)


Diameter (pipe inlets) 38mm each

Diameter (pipe tips) 58mm each

length of large diameter portion 15"

overall length as seen/cut 28"



$85 including postage within the 48 states.



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The one you're buying is from a 250 GT Lusso our shop restored a few years ago, and appears to be of the same style as the one in your photo. I built the motor for it, though I can't take credit for the body and paintwork. It *is* a stunning car. Seen here with aftermarket stainless exhaust. 


For reference, that yellow fuel hose is $14 per INCH. The carbs and manifolds have a street value of about $15,000. I cleaned them with baking soda and a paint brush over a three day period...then had all the levers re-plated. Then rebuilt them. 


lusso motor 10:13.jpg

Lusso Ass.jpg

lusso AA.JPG

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Abarth made the Ferrari exhausts back in the day.  That "Ferrari Pininfarina" is a Ferrari 250 GT with body by Pininfarina, who was the "Carrozzeria" that made the bodies for most of Ferrari's cars.  They also made bodies for Alfa Romeo and others.  I have always thought the Lusso was the most beautiful Ferrari ever.

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