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Reattach Bumper Rubber?


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Hey folks-


Somehow the bolt holding the rubber to my Big Ugly Bumpers© came off on the driver's side. 


Is it as simple as just putting a new bolt in there? I couldn't quite tell if the last one left part of itself in the hole there. 


Also, what's that bit you can see sticking out from behind the threaded hole for the bolt? Is there a plate down there that it attaches into or something? 


Thanks folks! 


[Picture here:]



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From the factory, each end of the big-bumper rub strips had a single stud molded into the rubber.  I suspect your stud broke off -- they often rusted and twisted off when you tried to remove the nut -- and a prior owner attempted to jury-rig a solution.






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On 4/5/2017 at 11:30 AM, Stevenc22 said:

Only 1 option is see. Epoxy the head of a bolt into the hole and pray it holds. Could also use some thin wire to stitch the bolt head into the surrounding rubber to make sure it doesn't come out.



Heh cool, thanks Steve! My kind of fix :P

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