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Wiring for hidden usb port?

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I am looking into wiring a USB power source into my 2002tii (not sure if tii matters). I have seen various posts but not really clear as to exactly where/how I do this. The USB will power a Bluetooth that will plug via aux into the back of the stock blaupunkt stereo. Has anyone had luck with wiring one of these behind the console (behr AC console). Thanks in advance!

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I have a cable I bought on ebay that plugs into my Blaupunkt Frankfurt that has a an 1/8th inch jack.  http://www.ebay.com/itm/Blaupunkt-Becker-Europa-Grand-Prix-STEREO-iPod-MP3-Adapter-Mercedes-Porsche-911-/152480013825?hash=item2380845e01:g:nSoAAOSwd4tTtC~X&vxp=mtr


Then I have an aux power run to the glove compartment and velcroed to the bottom of the dash. (pictured) be sure to have an accessible inline fuse.


Then I have an iLive Bluetooth receiver/adapter with the USB end in a BMW adapter power plug, with the 1/8th inch jack plugged into the the box that goes to the Blaupunkt  https://www.amazon.com/iLive-IAB13B-Wireless-Bluetooth-Adapter/dp/B00AW0CSHQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1491358297&sr=8-1&keywords=ilive+bluetooth+receiver+and+adapter


Works great and is completely stealth.

mp3 power.jpg

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3 hours ago, sealions518 said:

Thanks so much for the replies. Love this 02 community!! Does the input power matter? It says input 90~240 VAC, 25mA.  Can someone do a quick walk through regarding where to wire this and how to apply a fuse? 


Input power does matter.  You need one designed for a nominal 12 volt DC input.  They typically use a buck mode switching power supply to drop the output down to 5 volts.

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6 hours ago, sealions518 said:

If I will always have my Bluetooth adapter plugged in (car on or not) is it still ok to tap into the purple wire from my radio? 


The iLive receiver adapter has a battery so it will stay on until it is switched off or the battery dies. If you prefer you can use keyed power form the ignition. Not sure which wire to tap for that. 

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