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292 Cam

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I blew the head on my o2, so I got a parts car e21 and am having that head redone to replace my blown one. I want to put an 292 cam in because I have to replace it anyway. Schrick is around 500 or so, but IE makes one for around 200. Does anyone here have any experience with the IE cam?


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Yup-  it works.


90% of the engineering for 40% of the price.


And if what Ken found is now universally true (search 'Schrick' back a couple of months)

it might just be the same, now.  But there haven't been any measurement comparisons, yet.


But depending on the rest of your engine, you may find little gain......

.....or that next, you're spending hundreds and beyond on carbs, headers,

exhaust, nitrous, a turbo or...





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What will a 292 cam give to a "stock" motor, if anything?  Is it just changing the powerband?

My engine is stock as far as I know, aside from headers and a weber 36/38 carb.  

I have one of the new programmable spark contollers from the group buy, but have not yet installed it.


Would a 292 make a difference for my engine?




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And the only time I've ever done business with IE I had a very bad experience. The gentleman I worked with there was extremely rude and refused to let me speak to Jeff personally. He hung the phone up on me after telling me that my order hadn't been placed after a month. I asked for a refund and to just cancel my order. He was a jerk. 2 months later I get a package from IE (the hoses I originally ordered). I thought "wow, theyre apologizing for the horrible customer service and sent me the hoses for free since I canceled my order". Only to find that he ran my credit card (2 months later) not only without my authorization, but after requesting and confirming to cancel my order.

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4 minutes ago, BlakeNelsonJr said:

The stock cam from an o2 motor rotates the opposite direction as the cam in an e21 motor. I'm using a head from an e21 so I need a cam, not want. Haha

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I think I need a video of that....



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