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Repad stock seats


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If the original shape, contour, and firmness of the front seats are important to you, then horsehair.  If those are of secondary importance, then foam.


Ten, twenty years ago, I would have said that 95% of the pad replacements used foam, so there's plenty of foam to go around!  But with the '02's continued emergence as a collectible car, there seems to be renewed interest in horsehair.  I'm a horsehair guy, but I'm deep into "stock" appearances. Below, re-done seats for the '73 and '76, both with OEM pads from BMW.


There are long threads on this issue, complete with lots of photos.  Use the Google search function with a string such as "horsehair foam".








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I went to two experienced in 2002 seat upholsters.  Both told me they would not stuff seats with foam.  Would not give proper contour, shape or firmness.  Bit the bullet and ordered original BMW horsehair and had seats repadded.  Look and feel great.



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