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Valve stem seals - old/new style pix


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I just bought an upper "gasket" kit and was surprised to see a set of valve stem seals. However, after some

FAQ research, it appears the kit comes with the old style. I had ordered new guides and seals from Ireland,

so will use those.


But since I had the comparison pix handy I thought I would post them for people's future reference.

Also, some old post info included below...






The style of valve seals is dependent upon the valve guide that is in the head. BMW changed the guide and seal mid way through the 02's run. If you install new valve guides in your head, you'll need the new style seals. If you re-use your old guides, you'll need to measure the top OD of the guide. The "old " style seals measure about 14mm ID and are part number, 11 34 1 256 556. The new style measure about 11mm and are part number 11 34 9 059 169. If you buy a head gasket set, it will come with the seal that your car originally had, you'll have to buy the new style seals separately. Hope this helps.



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I've found that most sets come with the old style seals-

I've got tons of 'em, and most of the guides are now new style!

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