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M10 E21 oil pump swap - advice?


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I am about to buy the Ireland offered E21 oil pump and they say you simply swap on the 

2002 pickup and you save $400 bucks!


Anyone with experience doing this? Is it this simple? Any specific things to consider that 

the web site does not warn you about. 


I did notice on Real OEM that there is this mysterious INTERMEDIATE PLATE part that seems to fit between the 

pickup and the main pump body. I do not recall seeing this when I pulled my old pump off/apart. In the RealOEM

diagrams this shim plate looks different for the pure 2002 pump versus the E21 style... so also wondering which

one I would pick if I need it since I am mixing 2002 pickup with E21 pump body? Maybe a question for Ireland.


Thanks ... I ordered a new oil pump sprocket from Ireland and realized that they sell the one that fits the E21 







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Doing some more searches and research and here is a gem from Mike from almost 10 years ago...

I *WISH* an 02 pump cost $150.... dream on !


I think instead of investing is sketchy stocks I will take $50,000 of my retirement money and buy up 

"soon to be" rare 2002 parts and sell them ten years from now. Anyone want in on this venture :)


I think we could call the company "02 Be So Cheap Would Be Nice"!!


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A 320 (E21) oil pump is identical to a 2002 pump except for the pickup, which is a separate casting from the pump body itself. When I was rebuilding my engine, I found Mesa parts was running a sale on (apparently overstocked) 320 oil pumps for $75--about half of what an '02 pump cost. I simply took a spare '02 pickup I had, cleaned it up real good and had me a nice new pump for half price.


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50 minutes ago, worzella said:

the INTERMEDIATE PLATE in both diagrams

It is a pump improvement and keeps the rotor from rubbing against the aluminum pickup head.  The rotor has a pressure induced force against the suction side and eventually wears out the head.  The plate is a sacrificial item and is a lot more easier to come by than a new head and can be used on a pump with a worn head.

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