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Mystery part game - who wants to play?


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Hi - 


I just ordered the Ireland top and bottom end "gasket" kits, the bottom from Erling and the top

from Victor Reinz.


I recognized everything in the kits except for a couple of items.. anyone know what they are?


In the bottom end kit, there is this green, round gasket (left in first picture) and in the top end kit, there

are two big rubber O-rings.


I scoured RealOEM last night and have no clue what the green one is, and my only guess for the 

rubber O-rings is for a water pump rebuild.. they showed what appeared to be two large rings on 

the shaft.


The green one is almost 3" OD and the two rubbers are 2" OD.


Thanks for playing the game :)






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The green gasket was for very early canister style oil filters ( believe it or not )  the 2 rubber o rings were for ( now I can't remember, had it a minute ago  damn old age )  and the aluminum rings are all crush washers for the plugs on the head ( don't touch them, they are very hard to get out ) and the 2 smaller ones are for the oil pan drain plug and the for the tensioner plug, others go under the oil pressure switch , temp switch etc



Boy, I wish that I could remember those 2 rubber o rings, oh well at about 4-5 Am I will probably come to me.



Thanks, Rick

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