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bmw recaro seat plastic badge sold

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yes  they( snaps) are mint, these  are hard to find as you know   and you got a deal, i just want to get more of this stuff moving as  people  are really  cost   prohibitive  on here  compared to ebay  where i get  way more  but pay  the  fees!!!(   and far less hassle) i have  one More  and it   $50 as i am advertising locally too    pay pal  F& F pplese@verizon.net   shipping to anywhere USA is $5.95  as far  as i know  from past  ebay  mailings flat rate small box> if not i  will put it in a bag Or  something   so it is  Not to be over my quote  ./ all my stuff is advertised locally and     needs  constant updating as to  what  has sold and   whjat has not



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  weird, i just checked it  above in the main body of this post and there are no spaces  , no  biggie ,  some times  it Just  does not work!!  who knows!  like me?   sometimes i just don't  work!  What else do you need? i will make  you a good deal   especially if  you buy a package, i have  3 more of these cars and 2 Cs 's and  a big lot of NOS stuff  coming in   the next 4 months and need to make  some room or  just store them at my desert apartment property,,,,,tenants  won't like that!      on  some of the expensive stuff  don't be shy  just make me an offer?

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