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Hey guys,

its been a little while since I've been around. I've got a bunch of stuff I didn't use on a build that I'm selling . I'm having a hard time determining value , so I'm open to offers . I'm not looking to get rich on this stuff but it's not in my way either. Here is a list of what I've found so far.

im very open to someone buying the entire lot for a good deal. 


Everything with a part number is new in packaging from BMW.


Grommet x 4. 64211376130
Trunk trim 51131830810
Fuse box decal 51141831599
Seal door lip x4. 51211847798
Door lock plastic
Tesa tape roll x2 9511072
Mirror Seal x2 L&R 51161822062
Alternator bushing 12311268433
Engine bay sticker kit (non tii)aftermarket 
Hose 11531266469
Hose 11531257371
Hose 11611256468
Hose. 11531266471
Lower door seal x2 51711813507
BumperRubber buffer x2 51119558125
Bumper rubber buffer x2. 51111815484
edge protection  x10 51711801810
Door clips x20 51411870718
Fillister head screw x10 61317682091
Fillister head self tap screw x8 07119907774
Recessed oval head screw x18 07119902468
Saucer head screw x2 07119910437
Bushing grommet  x5 51447780135
Trunk trim washers x16 07119933017
Trunk trim fastener x15 51135480116
Trim fastener x9 51111815611
Hollow washers x14 51211859979
Washers x18 07119931015
Body nut x18 07129901645
Data plate 51142121107
Weatherstripping clamp x5 51216454231
Sun visor clip 51161870863
Trim cup x4 51315480122
Grill slats x2 61131817840

upper & lower trim clips around 75 in total
Deep Left grill 
Deep Right grill
Center kidney
E21 steering wheel with horn.
Nardi personal steering wheel 
Bmw horn button for Nardi wheel
Nardi Horn button 
Horn collar
Nardi wire for Horn 
Pedal box rubber inner 
Pedal box rubber outer
Climate control trim upper and lower set up to 73 (1 for 74-76)
Used tii cold start wire harness
2002tii badge

roundel badge new aftermarket (pelican)
3 door cards black. Single 66-73 1 set 74-76 
Door card wood new pair
Door pull left and right 2002 black. Only 1 chrome ring
Door pull e21 single
Bumper guards with buffers x3 (great shape )
1 bumper guard seal
1 used window crank
Leather shift knob
Recaro star knobs x2
Recaro star knob cover
Recaro lever x3
Recaro lever cover x2
Recaro strap rebuild kit
Recaro seat slide incomplete set 3/4
Seat slider set e10 
Cocoa mats set of 4. Passenger is faded but set is new and never used
Orange owners handbook
Autobooks Bmw owner workshop manual (orange)
Repair manual volume 2 1966-1976 (blue)







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FYI this seller won't provide a price-you have to guess and offer hoping he likes it or uses your offer in an auction style against another's offer. He claims to have an offer of $650.00 for the grill set and did not sell, that should give you a sense of his expectations if you hope to buy the entire lot don't think he is gonna take anything less than retail based on the part number research.  


Just list your price(s), why does everything have to be a game of how much you willing to pay.

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Here is the story behind what his complaint is . I posted all these parts on a FB group to test the waters. I'm new to Facebook. I only began using FB about 2 months ago. All my friends are older and don't use it. Basically i don't have many FB Friends. I got 100 hits on FB and i didn't respond to most of the people because It got complicated with so many replies so quickly . I also didn't want to reply and friend 100+ people.  I had 4 people that wanted the whole lot so I kinda focused on cataloging everything for a list.  


As I stated I don't expect to make any profit on these parts. I've went thru previous asking prices on the FAQ for some of the items so my expectations aren't retail at all. I prefer to sell thru FAQ because  familiar with a lot of members here.


BTW I have a real $650 offer for the set.

left , right , center and 2 packs of slat covering. 

I dont know why that's so hard to believe .



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