Hard time starting and idling until warm - 1974 2002a

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Hey folks!  So in searching previous threads I found a lot of similar issues, but nothing exactly like this.  Here's what's happening with my 1974 2002A....


The car is having a really hard time getting to idle.  It's worst when the car hash't been run in a day or more.  I'll give it a few pumps of the gas pedal and then it'll need to crank for a bit before it starts to catch.  At this point I'll give it a little gas and it'll run for maybe 5-10 seconds before dying out.  I'll then crank it for a few seconds before it catches and I'll give it some gas and this time it'll die after maybe 10-15 seconds.  This process will go on for about 5 minutes (with the car running slightly longer each time) before I can get the car out of my garage and it'll still be idling ROUGH.  I then need to drive the car around for about 5 minutes to get it warm before it'll get to the good idle that it's supposed to be.  Once it's warm it'll start back up fine and idle well.  


Now, it seems to me that it's the carb.... but any thoughts?  I've had my shop look at the carb before and they said it had been on the car for quite some time.  Thanks!

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There was a similar discussion within the past week so you might want to check that one.  


My first suspects would be (1) the automatic choke and (2) the idle jet.  However, the fact that it runs OK once warmed up would make the choke the chief suspect, as a clogged idle jet would cause idle problems even after the engine was warmed up.  


Check archives for how to get your choke working if it's a Weber--the come with either a water or electrically operated automatic choke, or a manual choke.  


If you still have the original Solex two barrel, most, if not all bets are off.  The auto chokes on those things didn't work very well when they were (nearly) new, much less 30+ years later.  Best advice if it's the OEM Solex--get an automatic choke Weber and toss the Solex in your neighbor's pool.  I did that (buy the Weber, my neighbor doesn't have a pool) in 1979 and haven't regretted it.



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This sounds fairly typically for a 40 odd year old petrol engine with a defective choke and needing a tune up. 


Make sure that your starting technique is correct. One stroke of the throttle to the floor to set the choke. Do this steadily as stomping a few times may kick the fast idle off the high step of the cam. Turn key and crank without touching the throttle. Engine should catch after a few revs and settle into a fast idle. If it just cranks without firing, check for fuel in the carb float bowl and /or air leaks at the fuel line unions back to the tank. The fuel should 'splash forth' quite quickly or there is something wrong there. 


If you have fuel check your points (in fact, check them anyway) and timing. If the engine fires but won't run at a fast idle then check the choke pull down diaphragm and the fast idle setting. 

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