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Diego Garcia

Headlight problems

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Hello fellow forum members, 


I have been having a problem with my headlights recently. One problem I have had for a while was that the low beams didn't work but the high beams did. However now the low beams don't work still but in addition to that the passenger headlight does not work at all. So I have come to the forum asking for help and ideas on what the solution to the problem could be thanks!


This problem is occurring with my 1974 bmw 2002

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First, check your fuses.

Second, you may just have headlights that are burned out.

They are dual filament and can be easily tested with an ohmmeter.

When viewed from the back the left terminal is ground.

Put one alligator clip on it, then touch the other lead to the other terminals one at a time.

They should each have continuity through the respective filament to the ground terminal.

It is also possible your headlight dimmer switch is bad or the connector under the steering column is not fully seated.

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On a '74 the low beams are fused separately, and the high beams are fused together, running through a relay.  


So for low beams, check the two appropriate fuses and for the high beams, check the appropriate fuse, and make sure the relay is functioning.  It should click when you select high beams with the steering column switch.



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