Lead paint in classic BMWs?

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Does anyone know if BMW used lead in their paints? I did a few searches and couldn't find anything solid.

I always assume paints in the 60's could have at least trace amounts but wondering if anyone has some input.

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Yes, it is lead-based. I had the residue tested after I sanded the trunk lid on my 73tii at the urging of my wife. Unfortunately, I hadn't taken any precautions...

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What color was your tii?


I pulled this off of the Autogeek site:


" Lead colouring agents have been used for many years in auto enamels and lacquers. The highest levels of lead are found in the orange, red and yellow tones, where concentrations of more than 20% are common.
The pigments used in these highly coloured paints are based on lead sulphochromate and molybdate lead chromate. They are opaque and can be ground into fine particles, making them ideal for the high-gloss paints used on cars. They are also durable and resistant to ultra-violet light.
For older cars, the refinish industry can only provide accurate colour matches to vehicles that currently have paint containing lead on them by using the same lead-based pigments. If you are using these products you should be careful when sanding-down old paints and when spraying with new ones. Some older cars may also contain lead auto-body filler.
Lower concentrations of lead are present in the greens, browns and beiges. "

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Oh, yes, very good chance there's lead in your car paint, or primer, or somewhere in there.


Fortunately, the lead's bonded, so you'd have to INGEST a lot of it to get much in your bloodstream.


Other things in paint will probably get you first- so always suit up!


10 years ago, I bought a can of DP40.  It was now "DP40LF"  What's the LF mean?  "Oh, it's now lead-free".

Crap.  Really?  Epoxy primer had lead in it?  Drrrrrr.....


Anyway, yeah, don't eat it in quantity, especially the dust.




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