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Bill, as regards brake calipers: the TISA brake calipers were used on several Mercedes from that time, and later on early VW transports; i.e. Vanagons. The rubber rebuild kits are I still believe available. There are places that do beautiful caliper rebuilds in this day and age. I would think the toughest part would be to not overdo it, that is to say to get  period correct finish on the caliper. I usually send my brake calipers to undercarexpress in the Midwest, they generally do a nice job. The Porsche guys, PMB, do really nice work. I have had PMB do Porsche caliper work but I think that it might be too shiny and perfect for a  TISA restoration. I'm not sure that the TISA caliper finish was anything special. I doubt that it was zinc plated or anything fancy. God knows my calipers always relatively pedestrian. They were of course built to drive.


As regards the"Art car" TISA sale price I think it is quite pitiful. Consider that a Porsche RS, 1972, of which approximately 1500 were made are running in the 4-5- $600,000 range now. There were only 200 TISA's made, of which maybe five or six handfuls still remain on the planet. This has more to do with cultural German car snobbery, even 2002 turbos of which approximately 1500 were made are running into the hundred and $150,000 dollar range now . What would Rodney Dangerfield say;"I can't get no respect."

It is true that a Four-door sedan does not have the sex appeal of a BMW 2002 turbo or 911 RS. I do think the lack of sensible paint and  period Correct detailing really hurt the "Art car" sale. Four door sedan's do not have a lot of $ex appeal, even if they are the mother of all M cars, and savior of the BMW mark due to Alex's genius, and the original M 10 motor. I have not seen a super clean , totally correct TISA ever even arrive at auction.


In respect to Jim Silvas question about"BMW 1800 TISA" bumpers; I believe they were all delivered with bumpers, or at least the eight or nine that I've seen in my life all had bumpers on them. As soon as any of them went to the racetrack for serious action they were drilled for lightness, bumpers came off etc.


It's important to enjoy the ride. Drive on brothers,

Best regards Peter




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