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Price: $100
Location: AK


Kid Roundie is back! I have more parts for sale! I'm listing my parts at a fair price to raise some money for college. Prices are NOT firm I will negotiate a little. I am trying to raise money to put myself through college I am majoring in Petroleum Engineering and a minor in Business.


I'm going to school but I’ll try to answer you as soon as I can. I will take high-resolution pictures of an item you are interested in so you can see the part in greater detail.   Payments are through Google Wallet, which is free to use.     


If you wish to use PayPal I am going to up charge 5 % to cover the charge they put in place. 


 Please feel free to ask any questions by texting or calling to my cell phone 907 242 7671 my name is Seth 




The turn signal with the screw in it is not in the post I will take pictures of it upon request. 



Parts for sale:

  • ·      Turn Signal #1(9.7/10) – $130.00
  • ·      Turn Signal #2 (9.2/10) - $70.00 SOLD
  • ·      Turn Signal #3  (9.0/10.0) -$50.00 SOLD
  • ·      Turn Signal #4 - $30.00
  • ·      Turn Signal #5 - $25.00
  • ·      Left Tail Light - $65.00
  • ·      Right Tail Light – $65.00 SOLD
  • ·      Roundie Tail Light – $25.00 SOLD
  • ·      Fuse Box With Cover - $55.00
  • ·      Wiper Interval Relay- $70.00
  • ·      Relay – TO THE LEFT NOT SURE WHAT RELAY THAT IS - $70.00
  • ·      Hazard Relay - $60.00
  • ·      Turn Signal Stock - $50.00
  • ·      Wiper Stock -$50.00 SOLD
  • ·      75 Cluster – $140.00
  • ·      Dome Light (10/10) – $37.00 SOLD







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8 minutes ago, rover1 said:

how much for the square tail light lens "need a passenger side"

The passenger side lens is $80.00 plus shipping, I am talking to someone about it, they are interested but if they cop out or fail to reply within the next day or so it's all yours! Thanks


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