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Hi everyone - I am selling my 1974 Chamonix - the best, most fun car I have ever owned, truly. I still drive it 3- 4 days a week on the westside of LA but I, like many others before me, am making some room for a baby.  It's a California car from birth and I have owned this car for 2 years (since January 2015), during which I have had the pleasure of upgrading almost everything mechanically on the car. I used it as a daily driver for a year, then had it professionally rebuilt. The car has always stayed cool, and can easily hit 90 mph. The most fun, though, as we know, is between 0 and 60, preferably on something twisty!


Here is the craigslist ad for your reference:


So, what's been done? Pretty much everything! All engine, exhaust, and suspension work was done by Steve and his team at Top End Performance ( in North Hollywood.


Engine and Exhaust:

1. Complete engine rebuild and upgrade, from oil pan to valve cover. This was done at Top End Performance in the spring of 2016. New JE forged pistons, 91mm bore, performance ground 292 cam, new rods, total seal gapless rings, new water pump, new 38/38 Weber carb, new alternator. This was done in the Spring of 2016 and I've put about 350 miles on it. Car has about 140 hp now with great torque in gears 2 and 3 in particular.

2. MDR Electronic ignition - no more slow starts! - Spring 2016

3. Custom headers and exhaust with ANSA resonator and ANSA Sport muffler - spring 2016

4. New electronic fuel pump - spring 2016


Suspension and Steering:

5. All steering and suspension bushings replaced with new in 2015

6. New Bilstein Sport shocks and struts in 2015

7. New H&R Lowering Springs in 2015

8. Engine torque brace and front strut tower brace in 2015

9. Rear shock brace added (also used to relocate battery to the trunk)  in 2015

10. New Ireland Engineering Sway Bars front and back in 2015

11. New CV joints and boots in the rear in 2015

12. Shock towers are all in great shape as is the body



13. New Hella H4s installed at the front

14. New LED taillights and brake lights installed - super bright and much safer than the stock

15. New BMW OEM taillight covers

16. Euro sidelights added



17. New Wilwood 15" Big Brake kit in the front in 2015. Stock brakes with new shoes in the back.



18. New 15" Rota Alpina replicas in 2015


Interior and Exterior:

19. Momo Prototipo steering wheel (have original and will be included in sale)

20. New Recaro replica seats with new baskets

21. New door cards and backing


The previous owner had done a couple cosmetic things: 

1. Paint respray done by previous owner. There is a quarter inch nick on the trunk (see pics). The paint is not perfect, but it is a pretty good respray. The engine compartment and trunk have nicks and scratches and some surface rust but all in all, it's in great shape.

2. Rear seat was re-covered by the previous owner.

3. Headliner redone by previous owner

4. Rust proofed the underside of the car


Stuff that I would do if I was keeping the car:


1. I'd replace the carpet with a nice set from Esty. I have an Esty trunk liner and love it.

2. I'd replace the rubber seals. It's cracked in places but it's never really bothered me as I drive with the windows open anyway!

3. Indicator lights have never worked. It's the relay I'm sure, but I never got around to replacing it.

4. Maybe do the 5 speed conversion. To be honest, I have become attached to the 4 speed. I had the flywheel resurfaced, and the car shifts smoothly and is super fun in the middle gears. Lots of torque.


I'd love for someone else to enjoy the car as much as I do. It's on CL for $16,000, but I'm willing to go a little lower for FAQers. I'm losing money at $16K, but I think the 2002 karma gods smile on passing it on better than it came to you.
















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Why did it have to be white?  :( ... looking for a nice 1600 or 2002 for my wife, but we have a white Toyota truck, a white Vanagon Westy, a white 914 and a white Ghia - would like to add some other color to the stable  ...



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Congrats on the sale ... :)


We just sold my wife's '97 883 Sportster  today (w/less than 3k miles on it) ...



... so we have a little more play $ for another Beemer (when the right one comes along) ;)


My old '76 530i - wouldn't pass smog any more, so she just sat around. We let her go several years ago ... <_<




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