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Hello folks,


Eagerly trying to make the annual 02.02.02 meet on February 4th in the Seattle area. I'm planning to make the drive from Portland, but currently my 2002 won't shift into gears (braking fluid would leak over time as I'd top it off religiously, to the point where I'm at now — undriveable as it sits under a tarp during the snow fall earlier this month, it will stall if I somehow manage to shift into 1st gear with some force.)


From what I hear a clutch master cylinder should cure the issue, I have one in my garage. Currently don't have a lift of my own, so a little short on tools right now. [college student money problems]


If there's anyone in the Portland area that would be awesome enough to swing by and give me a hand with getting this baby swapped with my old one (and I assume bled too), I have no experience working with cylinders as I've made it obvious.:huh:


Any Portland folks, please let me know if you're willing!


I appreciate your help in advance,


Best regards,




P.S. If you want to get to know my car more, check out my latest 2002 film a few months ago! https://vimeo.com/193719881

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