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Today is a sad day. SELLING MY 1976 2002

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Well, im selling my 76 02

Trust me, i really really dont want to do this. I love this car so much. though ive only owned it for a few months. ive come to the decision  to sell it. Being a junior in highschool. im strapped for time and money. i started this project with it always sitting in the back of my head. I just, at this point in my life, cant justify the spendings of a project car of this caliber. 


The car. Her name is stella, Shes a 1976 2002 ca version. 

her interior is very very clean. 

her engine bay is a little messy.

her paint is stripped and primered.

timing may be a little funky.

smog parts are missing.

but her engine is strong.

transmission and clutch are ok. 


Overall she runs and drives. doesnt idle the best until shes warmed up. but shes smooth. rides good, considering.

its sort of your average 2002. Huge potential. so much potential. 


basically she just needs to be run through. painted and body work. 

some engine bay maintenance.  things need to be tidied up.


The car is a california car, located in half moon bay California. which is a coastal town. So she does have some minor surface rust. Nothing to extreme at all. Especially for you mid west folk. And everyone back east, 


Great candidate for a winter project. A restomod project. Father son project. hell you could track her with some work.


Shes very complete, trim pieces are missing. but alot more is there than whats missing.


i did a compression check and everyhting matched up. the engine is strong. 


text me for more details, pictures, and pricing. 


also has E21 recaros in it. black. good condition.


Im  a reasonable young dude. shoot me a text or give me a call


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sorry to hear that...if you're trying to sell the car here, post it and a ton of pictures, inside, out, top, bottom, engine bay, trunk, etc  in the Cars for Sale Forum

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If none of the FAQ members are interested, put it on eBay.  With all the smog equipment missing, you need to find it a home outside of California.  Price it knowing the new buyer will need to ship it out of State, or travel and drive it home.


Good luck with your sale.




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