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Show me your garage/work space

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Inspired by reading mLytle's and Kaptanoglu's threads about garages I wanted to start a "Stance Thread"/ "Beauty Shots"/ "Show me your wheels"/Etc style thread for garages/Workshops etc.


Post up some photos of of where you keep your cars & how you have those spaces organized (or unorganized). What kind of things can you not live without there? Any improvements that you made that you should have done so much sooner? Let's see it all.


I'll start this out with one lousy photo and the promise to update once we get into our final car stoarge home. Right now I'm renting a 60x40 pole barn with another 02er until a spot closer to home gets finished.

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Dang it. I only have a mexican mechanic named Chenel in mine. He's really good, but not terribly sexy. I'll ask if he has any daughters.




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If I had the helpers Otis has, I probably would have to sleep there.. wait... hmm.. maybe not so bad.


but back to reality: 

20x40x10 (the 20 was bound by an underground gas iine)

in floor pex (still need heat source)

Finished the drywall/and painting

I'm just starting the electrical (service hooked up on Friday)

All electrical will be in EMT, with most running along the ceiling, dropping down where I need it.



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Mine's full up now, as my 2002 waits for work while the "modern" cousins demand attention. But as the snow begins to fly and the daily drivers get back to "daily" status, the 2002 beckons! 

garage - 1.jpg



2002_shop - 1.jpg




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4 hours ago, Harv said:

Les, is that the Touring back from the body shop?



Actually John, those pics were before it went. It is however back now. I had to go and retrieve the car.......it had been in the shop 11 months 3 weeks! I'll email you the sordid details.





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