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New Owner in SNH - '70 2002

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Hi Everyone,


I am excited to be the new owner of 1970 2002.  I searched for months to find a solid and straight car.  With the help of Mario and Chris at VSR, I pulled the trigger on an AZ car and am enjoying the car immensely.  Previous to this car, my toy/weekend car was a 2003 NSX.  The car was just so nice and had such low millage.  I ended up not driving it very often as a result which was a sin.  So...in September I sold it on BAT and said to my self that my next weekend car was going to be a driver.


My plan for this car is drive the wheels off of it and enhance its braking, suspension and power.  The car is not stock today and so I don't feel bad making a hot rod / back road carver out of it.  I'm still getting to know the car and figuring out what the right course of action is.  I would very much like to meet up with fellow owners to share in your experience. The timing is bad with the winter weather looming but if anyone is planning on taking their cars out over the thanksgiving weekend, I would very much like to meet up.


Excuse the bad pictures, I haven't had the chance to take any good ones yet but these will give you the general flavor of the car today.


Thanks for viewing my post,


Windham, NH


no console.png

Bella 2k2 thanksgiving 2016 1.jpg

Bella 2k2 thksgiv 2016 2.jpg

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Looks like a great car.  Congrats.  I'm in the process of looking for my first 2002 and would also like to meet up with others to pick their brains.  Let me know if you are planning something. 


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Where are you located?  My suggestion if you are serious about buying a 2002 is call Chris or Mario at VSRin Bedford, NH.  You wont find more knowledgeable 2002 folks around.  They helped my source mine (in Arizona), helped with an out of state PPI, and just provided a realistic expectation for 2002 ownership and logical ownership plan.


They installed a full coil over suspension and BBK for me.  Car is awesome and they are the reason.




Good luck with your search.


Quick crappy cell phone pick of the car with its new stance and stopping power:

office pic 2002.JPG

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