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seat stop fix - how to ?

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ee the pic....the piece marked broke off of the seat frame...i'm helping someone and don't have an early seat like his


is there a way to quick fix the problem so the seat doesn't fall back...will welding it back on work...can it be re-attached with nuts & bolts ?


seat latch.jpg



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I'd be leery of anything less than a really solid welding job there, since that's the part that keeps the seatback from coming forward in the event of sudden deceleration--or breaking flat backward in the event of a rear-ender. And since the cover and padding would have to come off to do the welding, it may be easier/better to find another seat bottom frame in better condition.



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That tab is welded to the frame. Not saying you couldn't bolt something else on in its stead but welding is probably the best fix.  That brings its own problems as I would be definitely worried about burning the cover. 


Maybe a piece of angle iron bolted through the frame or even sandwiching the frame to take the load better. 

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Had that happen to my '73 around 1980 or so... must have been a sloppy weld.  To really fix it right, you'll need to remove the seat from the car (duh!), separate the seat back from the cushion, then remove all the upholstery from the cushion, and weld that tab back on. Then squirt some black paint over the repair, reassemble and you're done.  And it's a good to to replace worn seat stuffing 'cause you have the seat cushion all apart.


That tab performs a pretty crucial function--keeps the seat from folding forward in an accident or a quick stop, and also bears the weight of the driver pressing against it while driving and especially when braking.  You really don't want to compromise your safety with a lash-up repair.  Weld it.


I welded mine up 36 years ago and no problems since.  So it must have just been a faulty weld from the seat manufacturer.




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