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Hagerty Insurance....who has delt with a claim?

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Wow, that's the old way.


They can't cut you out of the loop, though-

(which was also the old way)

you would do well to talk to the shop/service manager

working on your car's paperwork to make sure they're doing

it the way you want.  It's a bigger deal with newer cars

(aftermarket vs OEM parts, repair vs replace, etc)

but it's still your car and you should make sure it gets

repaired the way you want it.


They probably will.


Keep us updated!



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Just to add my .02 cents, although this seems to be closed and satisfied, it all comes down to your policy. Agreed value vs other, fine print around mileage and use, etc. but I can tell you I have used both Grundy and Hagerty extensively for a lot of my classic cars and never had an issue. I had Hagerty on my 67 1600 back in 2007 and when I lost it in a fire, they paid out quickly with no questions asked. Full agreed value. Had it not been for that fire, I'd still have that ol' gal.


So no issues with Hagerty just for the record. As for the car, it lives on with Mike Pugh....

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8 hours ago, arminyack said:

Update: Hagerty FINALLY contacted me themselves today. They told me they issued a check for the full amount of the estimate in my name; none of this dealing directly with the bodyshop business that the shop told me. So it looks like I'm off to Tijuana after all!

In my experience (with non-classic car insurance), after you get your check, the insurance company will deal directly with the body shop for any expenses the body shop discovers beyond the estimate. 

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