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My 1973 Euro 2002tii

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The winter months are always not so good for working when your garage is cold. But meanwhile i bought some parts and tried to push my friend mechanic to do some stuff. The current issues were:

1. The pistons - i have bought the crappy QSC pistons and i machined the engine block to match the pistons. They were supposed to be 90mm but they were actually 89.65 and neither piston rings second oversize were good neither third oversize (89.75mm offered only by hastings - the ring gap of oil rings was too big). So i ended up buying new pistons from BMW-Oldtimerteile site. Real 90mm pistons for the cheap price of around $400 with rings and they seems to be very nice quality. A total bargain. And yes i have to take my engine block machined again.




2. Brake calipers and brake master cylinder.


My car has the original tii brakes which i thought that can be rebuild - i had rebuild kits for the brake calipers and rebuild kit for the master cylinder. But everything with this car have to be hard so both caliper pistons and brake master cylinder were totally stuck, so i had to buy new ones. And since i will be doing big brake update i ended up buying new Turbo calipers with spacers



3. Getting the rear side glass installed. I had straight chrome trim for the b pillar and the ones under the rear side windows, but they were a little bit scratched. Instead of buying new ones i decided to save some cash and polish them. I know that i will have to treat them with some wax from time to time, but since the polish process turned out perfect i decided to keep it that way. 


4. Also bought new turn signals - the reproductions from W&N. 





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07/73 BMW 2002tii Golf, powered Sunroof

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The things started to happen for now and i have big progress for the last month:


1. Steering box refurbished and painted:




2. I tried to refurbish and fresh out the rubber/steel trim, but i didn’t like the result, so i bought one from W&N:




3. My crack free 2-piece dash and windshield are in:





4. Door seals are in too. Adjusted the doors first and now i would say that closing the doors is not so hard. also i was prepared for harder installation



5. Rear quarterpanel windows are in too. Again easy installation. Aluminium trim was polished, black frame that holds the glass on the b pillar is sandblasted and painted too, new seals. Took me half an hour on a side:




6. The repainted Borranis were mounted. I sandblasted them and painted them in Silver metallic, not the original color, but i think it will be still cool. The tyres are Hankook, and remember on 6.5J tyres are mounted on the opposite way - starting from the back part of the wheel :)



7. Engine:

The engine is pretty much assembled. The Kfish pump took more time and attention. My mechanic replaced all seals. I had one more pump and we got from it one of the suction valves, and some other small parts which were in better condition. Pressure valve was disassembled and cleaned, warm up regulator too. Also i bought new set with bolts for the engine. The set is for carb version, but it helped us a lot for the other stuff.







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07/73 BMW 2002tii Golf, powered Sunroof

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@Tommy Thanks. I am not sure about the seals, but i think URO. They are new, but I bought them from a guy who installed them once and "the problem wasn't solved with this Walloth&Nesch seals, so the originals were returned". I don't know what was his problem and what he was expecting. But the price was half less, they really are new and look fresh, so i said why not and bought them. I think W&N sells URO seals? And they were bought few years ago before any modifications by URO by the way. They don't look trimmed either. I can't speak from the people who have issues with them, because I haven't been on their place, but I think that one of the key factors is door and especially door latch adjustment. 

07/73 BMW 2002tii Golf, powered Sunroof

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Damn it's confusing how different experiences people have with them! I'd be ready to throw that 300e in them, if I could be sure I'll be happy with the result, but it feels like buying a lottery ticket. You were one of the lucky ones ?

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Racing is Life - everything before and after is just waiting!

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