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My 1973 Euro 2002tii

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I found some very nice parts:

- Turn signals with perfect lenses crack free

- NOS tii water pump

- Under dash panels

- Rear quarter window seals NOS

- Hood seals NOS

- Green tinted rear windows

- One more set of grills + pic of all my collected grills. I will have to choose the perfect ones





2012-04-13 17.59.51.jpg

2012-04-13 18.05.16.jpg

2012-04-13 18.07.48.jpg

2012-04-13 19.05.28.jpg

2013-12-26 19.51.54.jpg

2013-12-26 19.52.18.jpg

07/73 BMW 2002tii Golf, powered Sunroof

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So after that you see i got the car from the guy who worked on it. I wanted to sandblast the whole shell and then to take the car to the paint shop for painting. All other people do the sandblasting at the beginning. But as i said few people worked on the car and i wasnt sure what kind of primers they used and this was the way to strip everything to metal and to be sure that in the paint shop they will spray the whole shell with good quality primer and also to test with the sandblasting the quality of the body work. After the sandblasting no rust holes were found. :) The car was sandblasted one veery long day, you will see that the final pictures were taken at night.















07/73 BMW 2002tii Golf, powered Sunroof

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Amazing work and dedication-I'm going to show my son this, so he can truly appreciate what persistence and hard work is. Just wonderful!

'74 Sahara/Beige 2002 HS car, long, long ago...

'73 Polaris/Navy 2002 tii lost to Canada

'73 Malaga/Saddle 2002 current project

'73 Taiga/Black 2002 tii in my dreams

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Here is how the paint work went. After the sandblasting the car was epoxy coated and after around 2 months of work it was painted. Back then i was driving that E30 327i touring Alpine white (no longer alive :( ). The car was very cool, and absolutely full with all original extras you can see in one E30 (headlight wiper system was removed for a while lol). I don't have a driving license for a trailer, so i went with a friend. It was a very adventuresome trip. The Tii was around 100 miles away from us and i borrowed a trailer for the day (the road assistance was way more expensive). We got a flat tire on the trailer while we were going to take the car. Luckily it didn't happen when the car was on the trailer. It was very hot, the AC had ran out of refrigerant, and the Automatic gearbox had stuck in emergency mode (on 3rd gear) lol. Anyway we reached the other town and we got the car. We had to go back earlier, before it gets dark, the wiring for the trailer lights was all messed up and we didn't have brake lights and signals on the trailer. Yes, it wasn't very safety for us and for the car and if i knew that it will be like that i wouldn't do it, but it was one really unforgettable and funny trip. And the car - it was perfectly fresh painted in it's original Golf yellow. :)


unspecified (1).jpg

unspecified (2).jpg


07/73 BMW 2002tii Golf, powered Sunroof

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The suspension parts have been sandblasted and powder coated:




And the bolts and nuts (old + some new and new wishbones):





I found out that there are 6 (2x3) little specific bolts on the bottom of the McPherson. I found only one left and because they were pricey from BMW i made them from strong steel (mark 45, i don't know if it's the same with the US standarts):




The front hubs (for 323i brake update, still not sure which brakes to install - stock vs 323i):



The suspension parts were ready and i was about to get my car from my mechanic and to store it in my garage on wheels, while installing the vehicle trim parts, wiring harness, etc. 







07/73 BMW 2002tii Golf, powered Sunroof

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Wow! What an epic rebuild! Perseverance pays, you are going to be so proud to drive this car, knowing that practically every piece of sheet metal was re-made or re-worked.  I can't wait to see what you do with the motor!

1972 BMW Inka 2002Tii  ?

1974 BMW Turkis 3.0 CSi ?

1972 MBZ Weiss 280SE 4.5 

2006 BMW Cobalt 530i (38,700 m original)

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Thank you for the good words, i really cant wait for that moment :) . After the car arrival the first major "projects" were the wiring and the heater box. I have to find the pictures of the wiring work on my pc, but here is what i have done on the heater box. The heater box and the wiring took me a looot of time. My work place is pretty uncomfortable and was working during the winter. The uncomfortable working area and the cold temperatures caused me some back problems and after that i havent touched the car for a few months, because i had to recover. The health is most important, so my advice is - always make it comfortable and safe for you while working on the car. So anyway - if you can rebuild the heater box and messed wiring harness you can do anything else with success on your 02. 

I was lucky that i had some other spare heater boxes.


Here is my original box - it was repaired before, very bad...IMG_2994.thumb.JPG.68d371e796c4114ce7c51e0868c50d9e.JPGIMG_2993.thumb.JPG.82da9464e1051b23651360b2792e60c1.JPGIMG_2991.thumb.JPG.58f813daaa867f28ede58a4d17fdffe9.JPGIMG_2990.thumb.JPG.b8a689e90b12b9103764f9dc89ece38c.JPGIMG_2983.thumb.JPG.f064d90c79ebb580a59de8f882ad660f.JPGIMG_2980.thumb.JPG.51c8486f5da614af0d63a3b0da028e0f.JPGIMG_2999.thumb.JPG.9b89e184f0e67e0097eff06a7e358fae.JPG



Repairing the cracks. 3M glue A+B and aluminium grill:



Repairing the heater valve bracket - i wanted to look stock, so i glued back together the broken pieces of the original bracket and for their support i made custom bracket from tiny sheet metal which i put on the inner side. Also sanded the places where i put the 3M glue and put a plastic bondo there. After painting you cant tell that it has been repaired there:




The flaps and rods inside the heater box - removed, sandblasted, zinc plated, installed with the grommets:



Blower motor was in very good condition, i took it to a service just for lubing. Heater radiator went through pressure testing and repainting. New heater valve, assembling, and cable adjusting to operate the flaps properly. The most annoying was assembling the heater valve with the cable that moves it. From 3 cables i found only one in good condition and ironic, but it was removed from the-most-rusty-2002-that-you-can-ever-imagine. :D (see the picture below)






P.S. This was very short version of the rebuild. :)

Edited by pehlivanov_tii

07/73 BMW 2002tii Golf, powered Sunroof

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Installed the aluminium trim under the door seals. Sanded the trim before installing to remove the dirt and the glue.






So i moved on to the headlights. I decided to rebuild my old ones, of course, instead of buying new. I had sandblasted the housings, removed the rust on the reflectors and polished them to send them for replating. I couldnt find new lenses on normal price, so i polished the existing ones. I even posted tips for polishing real glass on the General Discussion section. Polishing was very hard, because i had to remove all stone traces and the glass is hard for sanding. Also i had many problems with installing the seals. I couldn't take pictures from installing the seals, but here are my tips: Put the seals on hot water for few minutes to get softer. Then install the seal on the lens. Use some lubricant which will not affect the rubber to put the seal easier. Then use tiny rope, and put it in the seal canal where the housing lip should sit. Use some pliers to expand the outer housing lip / board where the seal will sit. Because if you dont do it, the lens and the seal will not get in. Leave the lens + the seal and the installed rope on a soft surface (because we dont want to break the glass when pushing lol) and start pushing the housing from above. When pushing start pulling the rope. When pulling the rope the things should happen and the seal will get behind the housing lip. It is kinda hard to explain without pictures, but i hope you will understand me. After installing the lens and the seal, use silicone hammer to straiten back the outer housing lip / board. 





The reflectors - removing rust, polishing and they came back replated. If you do this, dont remove the packing until the moment right before you will put the reflectors in the housing. Reflectors are like a magnet for dust and dirt and dont ever try to clean it, it will get worse: 




Glass polishing:











Turned out very well + saved money and happiness when you made it yourself. :)




07/73 BMW 2002tii Golf, powered Sunroof

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