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My 1973 Euro 2002tii

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Hi guys,

I decided to share my slow restoration progress of my 1973 2002 tii, Golf Yellow. I was looking for a 2002 since i was 17-18 years old. But i loved the 02's since i was little kid. The car that i will show you is well known by me since i was 12-13 years old. Back in the days it's owner lived near my home and i've seen the car almost everyday. At some moment the car disappeared and i saw it for sale 2-3 years later. I went to see the car and i knew the car, i was 100% sure it's the same car. Back then it was still with the original paint. But when i went to see the car it has already been reserved for some guy. I couldn't buy it. Here is how it looked back then:IMG_0195.jpgIMG_0192.jpgIMG_0193.jpgIMG_0194.jpgIMG_0196.jpgIMG_0197.jpg



2 years later in 2010 i called an ad for BMW 1600-2. I went to see it and guess what. The owner had second 02, right next to the 1600. And the second car was my tii. Painted very bad, the Kugelfischer belt failed, so they have put carbed M10 B20 and the tii engine was in the trunk. Price of the tii was double from the price of the 1600. The tii was more rusty, but of course i bought it. Here is how it looked when i bought it:




In the following posts i will show pictures from everything that has been done by now...



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You will probably notice that there are previous bodywork on the car. And the that bad and ugly bodywork now it's been fixed. The car first went to a guy who had very good reputation and it was recommended to me, but you see the result. The guy who did the final body work have fixed everything and he did all sheet metals with factory shapes and look. 







I will put exhaust will center exit, so we made custom rear skirt to match the exhaust pipes position:




















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During the bodywork i started buying parts. First order was from W&N. You will see E21 brake discs. I gave up on the rear ones, because i decided the car to stay with the drums. Of course every single part of the car was in not good condition and needs replacing or refurbishing, but i had to start from somewhere:








I scored also some NOS parts:







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From an old man local here and ex 02 owner i scored some very nice parts. Some of them NOS, some used:

- NOS center kidney grill

- NOS ignition switch

- NOS stainless steel trim for the doors

- NOS oil pump gear (1 of 2)

- NOS repair kits for some clutch cylinders??? i haven't checked the part numbers yet

- Used headlights and brakelights

- Cracked E12 head which is not available anymore. I was very stupid to give it for free to some guy who i don't remember anymore. My car came with E12 pistons and 121 head, 73 stamped. Because of the 73 stamped on the head i believed that the 121 head is original for the car and somebody changed the pistons. But then i realized that only the early tii's are with 121 head and my car original was with E12 head (which explains the E12 pistons too). But when i realized that i have already gave the head, so now i am searching for new:












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I'm giving you 1,000 Persistence Points!  


Also, great job on tracking the car and finally owning it.  You are saving it from God-knows-what fate.  


Your car is about 7,000 cars later than ours.  Here's a quick pic of ours.  




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Thank you! :)


2014-04-16 - All "body work" from before now has been redone... better. Also notice the rust between the panels. It was visible only when the panels were detached.





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Very impressive! I love to see this kind of hard work and ingenuity-you have my utmost respect. Now I feel guilty for complaining about little cosmetic things here and there on my dry west coast car...

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