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Kooglewerks aluminum air dams and trunk spoilers

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Hello to everyone interested in my sheet metal aero parts. I wanted to start up a 'for sale' thread to answer any questions and add updates on new products, design changes and field any special requests. every part I hand make right here in Northern California, using design and construction methods of the coachbuilding craftsmen. they are not stamped out in volume, they are individually trimmed and shaped, smoothed and metal finished using .065 3003 Aluminum. (19Ga. CR steel is still available, special order)

I wanted to offer a functional and classy alternative to bulky and often lumpy/heavy fiberglass designs. 


all of my aero parts are bare metal, ready to paint. no mounting holes are drilled. (unless otherwise stated, or requested) and come in custom fitted wooden crate for shipping 


the air dams are designed to be mounted at the lower most flange on the front valence, however some customers with lowered cars (and daily driven cars that need more ground clearance ) have requested their air dam to be adjusted to fit ABOVE the bead detail on valence. this is an option when ordering if you would like a low or high mount air dam. it will effect the fit and ease of installation greatly. the "short" version is 1-1/2" less than "long" version. both conform to current SVRA and VARA rules.


more info and other products are on my website www.kooglewerks.com ...and I will be updating this thread with new products and pictures of more cars with parts installed!




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This is the car that started it all: the first '02 air dam I made.  (and it was a little rough) it is a steel long high mount. 

Hello to everyone interested in my sheet metal aero parts. I wanted to start up a 'for sale' thread to answer any questions and add updates on new products, design changes and field any special reques

Here are some pics taken by the CaTuned guys of one of my tall (4") rear spoilers installed on a car they are putting together (love it or hate it) for SEMA this year 

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28 minutes ago, revolve40 said:

Just received your rear spoiler--beautiful work and lightning fast shipping!  I'm going to play around with fitment and finish but hopefully I'll have some photos soon.


Awesome dude! I look forward to seeing it fit up on your car! I hope the fit is good and the install goes easy!

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5 hours ago, 69NEWCLASSNH said:

Would you consider making a Turbo style airdam out of aluminum or steel?  If that were the case, I would buy.


Yes 69NEWCLASSNH, I am considering many different new designs and pieces to produce...unfortunately with hand shaped sheet metal, some things are a lot easier (and cost effective) than others...so an actual "turbo style" (as factory designed) dam would be very labor intense (even the factory decided to not make them out of sheet metal!) my parts are low volume, simple & historic Motorsport inspired, therefore reasonably priced...I would have to charge quite a bit more for something with such complexity....I have answered the same question about sheet metal turbo style flares. If someone must have a "one-off" piece, I can do it...it's just going to be time and materials. 



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